Squad Structure

City of Sydney Aquatic Club's training group structure is designed to allow progression over time from novice to highly experienced and skilled swimmer. The lists below show the basic expectations for each group. Due to the structure of our program, changes from group to group are not carried out to accommodate more convenient practice times or other member/family preferences, but are decisions made by the coach based on the group standards. The integrity and fairness of the structure is the key to the success of our swimmers at all levels.


Junior Dolphins

Age                            13 & under

Comp. Level             Club Night

# Sessions/week    1-2

Attend                       Club Night


This level is intended as a transition from learn to swim to the competitive, team-based squad environment. This squad has a big focus on the “FUN”damentals of swimming, teaching swimmers about the technical aspects of each stroke and skill (i.e. starts, turns, finishes, and underwater), all while maintaining a fun and enjoyable atmosphere. Swimmers will have a game-based structure to learn each stroke and skill, but will also be exposed to the competitive side to swimming with race-based activities.

Bronze Squad

Age                            13 & under (if under 9, must be subject to formal revision)

Comp. Level             Club Night & MetSEA

# Sessions/week    2-4 (plus dryland)

Attend                       Club Night & MetSEA


Swimmers begin to understand how to implement skills and technique into “practice sets”. Swimmers will be able to train using the pace clock and use active listening and understanding for more complex sets as described by the coach. This squad will start to learn pacing for various competitive distances as well as basic levels of athlete nutrition. Swimmers will be exposed to introductory dryland activities before some sessions to activate their bodies and prepare for training.


Silver Squad

Age                            13 & under

Comp. Level             MetSEA, Metropolitan & State

# Sessions/week    3-5 (plus dryland)

Attend                       Club Night, MetSEA, Metropolitan & State


Silver Squad swimmers have a more in-depth understanding of complex swimming sets and will understand the pace required for certain time cycles. Swimmers are taught more elaborate technique and skills to fine-tune their strokes for competition. Sets will start to have varying focuses in relation to the energy systems for training, as well as include 15-20 minutes of dryland and activation before most sessions. Swimmers will also be educated towards more advanced levels of nutrition, the importance of rest, and will be guided through an introduction to goal-setting.


Gold Squad
Age                            13 & over (girls), 14 & over (boys)

Comp. Level             State

# Sessions/week    5-6 (plus gym)

Attend                       Club Night, MetSEA, Metropolitan & State


In this level, swimmers are taught that their outside of the pool habits and decision-making will have an impact towards their performance alongside the day-to-day work that they put into their swimming sessions. Gold Squad swimmers have a higher ability to create and be self-accountable for their own goals in swimming, and are also learning how to introduce race plans and tactics for their competition events. Swimmers will now be exposed to a gym program – participating in a personalised program each week to work on the attributes required for each swimmer for best chance of success.

Platinum Squad
Age                            National Age – 13 & over (girls), 14 & over (boys)

                                    Open – 17 & over (men), 18 & over (women)

Comp. Level             National & State Open

# Sessions/week    6-8 (plus gym)

Attend                       Club Night, MetSEA, Metropolitan, State Age, State Open, National Age, National Open


Swimmers will now be able to be self-accountable for all aspects of their training. Each swimmer in Platinum Squad will receive their own personalised gym program and nutrition plan to compliment the training that they do in the pool. Platinum Squad swimmers are now specialised in specific events and train for best success in these events. Swimmers are now able to independently run themselves through a swimming set, while being able to maintain appropriate pace based on their specific race plans and strategies for competition.