All membership applications must be first approved by the COSAC registrar before registering through Swim Central.


If you wish to become a member of COSAC, please email the COSAC registrar at You must provide the following details:

-       Full name of parent/guardian (primary member)

-       Date of birth for parent/guardian

-       Address

-       Email (will receive all information regarding COSAC & SNSW)

-       Contact phone number

-       Full name of swimmer

-       Date of birth for swimmer


If an application for membership is accepted, you will receive a confirmation email from the club registrar. After you have received this email, you will then be able to complete your membership online through Swim Central – link is above by clicking the About Us --> Membership --> Join Now tab.



There are 3 categories for membership: Swimmer, Non-Swimmer, and Life Member.


Eligibility Criteria:

-       Currently swimming in squads at a City of Sydney venue under the guidance of a COSAC swimming coach


-       Currently swimming in learn to swim at a City of Sydney venue


-       Parent of a “Swimmer” member (Non-Swimmer membership)


If you do not possess any of the required criteria, but still wish to become a member of COSAC, please contact our club registrar, including all the required information (as stated above) and stating your reasons for wanting to purchase a membership with COSAC.


Parent membership is not compulsory, however both COSAC and Swimming NSW encourage the purchase of Non-Swimmer memberships, as this provides Comprehensive Injury Insurance Cover when participating in club activities. As this is a club run by volunteers, all parents of Swimmer members are expected to assist the club when requested, where possible.


Swimming Australia requires all swimmers under the age of 18 to be part of a linked family group under a primary member on Swim Central. This means that a parent or guardian must be the primary member (this is free and not the same as the Non-Swimmer membership).



Swimmer 8 years & under $121.82

Swimmer 9-17 years           $182.70

Swimmer 18+ years            $91.35

Non-Swimmer                      $30.45

Life Member                         FREE



Active Kids Vouchers are currently not being accepted for club membership fees, but can be accepted by Belgravia Leisure for the City of Sydney squad fees.



Navigating through Swim Central:


Creating a primary member:


Creating dependants:


Adding new membership (you will have to repeat this step for all people who wish to become members):