Andrea Raso

Andrea in 2016
Andrea competed at National and State level in Italy for Derthona Nuoto, swimming with and against many National and International swimmers. Andrea returned to his passion of swimming in 2004 when he bacame a swimming instructor at Aquarium Novi Ligure.

At Aquarium, Andrea progressed to assistant coach under Cristinel Uncesco, Romanian swimming coach, before being appointed as head coach of Aquarium in 2009. For 4 years, andrea coached the Aquarium team, a period during which he had the benefit of being mentored by Alberto Ghibellini, Italian olympic Waterpolo representative). Andrea alsoworked with Manuel Piacenze, coach for Insubrika. The Insubrika squad placed 6th in the 2013 EuroJunior Championship and won bronze in the Youth World Championship in 2012.

In 2013, Andrea moved to Australia and took up the position of Assistant Coach at Cook and Philip Park. In 2015, Andrea was promoted to Head Coach. During Andrea's time at Cook and Philip Park he has coached a number of male and female swimmers to State Age, State Open, National Age and National Open championship level. Squad members have also competed at State Open Water championships.

Andrea is ably supported by a team of Assistant Coaches.



             Andrea in 2011
Andrea in 1988 Andrea in 2011