Squad levels and schedules

COSAC runs squads at Cook and Philip Park Pool and at Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre. At both pools it tries to maintain a consistent structure. Further information is available by clicking on each heading.

Gold Squad

This is the top level of our squads and is designed to support swimmers competing at State and National level.

Silver Squad

The Silver Squad represents swimmers progressing into the State Team and building towards getting National championship qualifying times.

Bronze Squad

The Bronze Squad introduces swimmers to training for competition. We expect the swimmers to be competing in local and area meets as well as club month end meets.

Junior SwimFit

Junior SwimFit assist our younger swimmers to transition from swimming lessons to swimming squads. It helps the swimmer refine their technique across all strokes and increase their stamina.


SwimFit is designed for swimmers looking to maintain or improve their fitness and ability without necessarily competing.



The schedules between Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre and Cook and Philip Park Pool are different. The schedules can be downloaded below:

Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre Squad Schedule

Cook and Philip Park Pool Squad Schedule

(Please note that these schedules are correct as at 1 February 2016 but are updated periodically)