The City of Sydney Aquatic Club (COSAC)

COSAC currently operates across five pools and runs competitive squads out of two of these pools.

COSAC oversees swimming programs at Prince Alfred Park Pool, Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre (ITAC), Cook and Philip Park Pool (CP+P), Victoria Park Pool and Andrew boy Charlton Pool. Of these pools, currently ITAC and CP+P run squads. These pools are managed by YMCA NSW or by belgravia Leisure.

COSAC started as YMCA Sydney Swimming Club (YSSC) in 2008. It's aim was to identify emerging talent within the swim schools at these pools and to provide a supportive and well-structured training program to take these kids from their first experience of competitive swimming to the highest level that they are able to achieve.

In 2013, the City of Sydney combined with the YMCA and Belgravia to consolidate the clubs and pools and COSAC was born.

In the past 7 years, as YSSC and COSAC, the club has produced many regional, state, national and international representatives. We have also had several multiclass athletes represent the club at state and national level.

We are proud of the program that helps our young swimmers develop, but we are also passionate about providing the right environment for the swimmers.

COSAC also has a proud tradition of supporting swimmers of all abilities. Our Coach at Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre, Goran Rajchinoski, was recently nominated nominated for Coach of the Year at the Annual Deaf Sports Awards for his support of a number of swimmers with hearing impairment. COSAC swimmers have competed at the National Swimming Championships in Multi-Class events.

Further information about our squads program is available in our For Swimmers section

The Club Objectives

The vision for the club has been consistent throughout its history and continues to be supported and promoted byt the current committe. The vision of the club is:


Our Team

Away from the swimmers themselves, our team includes coaches, committee members, representatives of City of Sydney and of Belgravia Leisure.

COSAC Coaches

COSAC Committee Members