COSAC Club Racing and Targeted Meets

As part of COSAC's mission to introduce swimmers to racing and to support them as they progress their competitive swimming, COSAC provides and supports two types of racing.

Month End Club Racing

Each month COSAC conducts officially recognised racing. This normally occurs on the last Friday of each month at one of the COSAC pools. These are more friendly racing environments and are a great introduction to racing. They also give our more experienced swimmers the chance to grab that elusive personal best that might get them to the METSEA, State or national championships. 

The event is normally only attended by COSAC swimmers. Occassionally we have visitors from other clubs race and we permit non-members in our swim school programs to race prior to joining as a means of trying the experience.

Parents are required for time keeping. Details of these events can be found on our Club Races page and entry is from our home page.

Targeted and Championship Meets

As our swimmers progress beyond our club meets and look for more challenging contests  there are a range of options open to them. Each year our coaches confer and pick a number of targeted meets for our swimmers in addition to championship meets.

The championship meets include:

Swimming Australia National Age and Open Championships

NSW Swimming State Age and Open Summer (LC) Championships

NSW Swimming State Age and Open Winter (SC) Championships

Metropolitan Championships

METSEA Summer (LC) Championship

METSEA Winter (SC) Championship

In addition to these events, the club sends teams and coaches to a range of other events. These other events can be at SOPAC or at other clubs home pools. These events are listed on our Area and Championship Meets page. Entry to these varies. Some will be able to be entered from our home page, others will need to be entered from other websites.