Pre-Order Polos


Smaller sized Polo's

If you are interesed in the smallers sizes please use the size chart below.



 Note: 16 is almost identical in size to the XS we already have.

Email your Pre-order to List the Qty, Size, Polo's are $45 inc GST for Club Members. (include your Swimming NSW Rego Number found on the back your Swimming NSW Members card)

When we get the Minumium Qty of 20 we will then place the order, Delivery from placement of the order is 6 to 12 weeks.

Status: Updated 30/1/2014

Qty Size To go to order
1 8 19
1 10 18
2 12 16



Please Put Reference: SURNAME(Polo) send a copy of the EFT Receipt to 


Please complete the pre-Order form below.