Becoming a COSAC Member

In order for your child to compete for COSAC they must be a current member of Swimming NSW, the organisation which regulates amateur swimming in our state.

Annual Swimming NSW membership runs from October through to September. 

We recognise members who decide to join during the swim year, so we offer half-yearly memberships from April to September.

Please note: Squad members should register with Swimming NSW to compete in club race nights and any swimming Australia official meets.

To become a member of City of Sydney Aquatic Club go to our home page and click the JOIN NOW button.

Instrucitons for completing the form can be found at Joining Instructions.


Squad Fees

Swimming at COSAC does not require the swimmer to be a member of COSAC but it is normally an expectation that the swimmer will join COSAC once they have progressed to Bronze Squad. It is at the discretion of the coach to accept any swimmer in to any squad, being a member of COSAC can be part of this decision.

Fees have two components:

1. Monthly fees paid to the pool operator for attendance at training squads

2. Annual COSAC and NSW Swimming fees that register the swimmer as a member of COSAC and enable the swimmer to compete in NSW Swimming and Australia Swimming events.


Squad Fortnightly swim fees Annual COSAC fees
Gold Squad $71.45 TBC
Silver Squad $65.85 TBC
Bronze Squad   $53.70 TBC